Mental Health Week Activities

Every year, the first week of May is Children’s Mental Health Week. It is a week where we draw attention to the mental health issues that children and youth face, raise awareness of these issues, decrease stigma and provide understanding of the help that is available. This year, through Distance Learning, we continue to focus on the mental health of our students and families. Below are daily mental health activities that I have been asked to share with our community. You may wish to have your child complete the activities on the day assigned, choosing an activity that fits with your family (or child(ren)’s) needs.

Friday, May 1: Mental and Emotional Well-Being – Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Monday, May 4: Children’s Mental Health Week – Faith and Spiritual Well Being.docx.pdf

Tuesday, May 5: Children’s Mental Health Week – Physical Activity1.docx.pdf

Wednesday, May 6: Children’s Mental Health Week – Family and Social Wellbeing.docx.pdf

Thursday, May 7: Children’s Mental Health Week – Land and Environment.docx.pdf

Friday, May 8: Children’s Mental Health Week – Routines.docx.pdf