A big THANK YOU to SJW’s Catholic School Council for generously committing to half the cost of our new project and board and providing funding for additional STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) based resources. The new board makes storytime so much more engaging for our students and teaching more efficient for the Teacher Librarian. Other purchases have been made towards items such as Makey Makey and other materials to support the STREAM initiative within our school community. We saw our classes come in for great storytimes, book exchanges, and coding was started in order to prepare for December’s Hour of Code event. Through the story “Ara the star engineer” students learned what algorithms are (“like a recipe with step by step instructions”) and students are starting to gain an understanding of what coding involves. Next, students learned about sequencing and language skills using a human-robot activity. After that, they were challenged to use Code-a-pillars to sequence movement commands to stay on a course!

Students will continue to build skills throughout the year using new gadgets.